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the story of love the story of love

A Labor of Love

LOVE is a new children's lifestyle store in Greenwich, Connecticut where discerning parents will discover unique and stylish clothing, furniture, toys and accessories.

With an eye for detail and quality, Kristin Fine and Katie Stein, Owner and Creative Directors, promise only to sell "stuff we love." Also at hand is a selection of equally gorgeous finds for moms and dads, "because I couldn't resist," says Fine. "LOVE is a place for the whole family."


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Giving back

Giving back is of the utmost importance to Kristin and Katie. LOVE hopes to demonstrate this in big and small ways.

Over the past year we have contributed both locally and globally to organizations that are meaningful to us and make a positive impact in the lives of children. We donated enough clothing to Education and Hope, an organization providing education to underprivileged children in Guatemala, to clothe dozens of children.

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the story of love

Photo of a young Kristin Fine LOVE, the Greenwich, Connecticut children’s lifestyle boutique, is Kristin Fine’s ode to childhood. As the mother of four (ages one to eight), Kristin is reverent of kids’ energy, ingenuity and imaginations. In LOVE, she has combined that adoration with an affinity for thoughtful design. Through her travels over the years, Kristin has developed an esteem for things made with love – things made with careful detailing, personal expression and hand craftsmanship – qualities that are reflected in all of her LOVE choices.

Baby picture of Kristin Fine While Kristin’s journey with clothes took root during her experience as a fashion model, she feels that her real start in the business was as a child in Greenwich, where her parents owned and operated landmark toy and decorating shops in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. She learned early on that if something doesn’t exist, one might create it. At Columbia University, Kristin studied Political Science and Italian. She has lived in Italy and has worked in Japan, Africa and New York City. She is an avid reader, an art-lover and she takes a child-like pleasure in chocolate.

Kristin hopes that kids and parents alike find a community and enchantment in LOVE. She does.

Be delighted. Be inspired. BE IN LOVE.

the story of love

Photo of a young Katie Stein Katie has always had a balanced approach to life – a strong sense of goodwill and an appreciation for all things fabulous. As a child, she developed an early sense of her own style, frolicking in Yves Saint Laurent and Andrew Geller heels at her parents’ designer shoe boutique in Boston’s iconic Bonwit Teller. Katie’s mother insists that she launched the layered look — her outfit of choice was a tennis dress over jeans and a t-shirt. Katie has not shed the child’s perspective — she likes gummy worms on her ice cream, jumping on the bed and bedtime stories with happy endings.

Baby picture of Katie Stein After she graduated from Dartmouth College and Fordham Law School, Katie worked for Sanctuary for Families, a New York City non-profit organization that provides council to battered and abused women and their children. More recently, Katie, her husband and three children lived in London for a stint, where Katie got a taste for travel, sensible shoes and biscuits.

Katie, now based in Connecticut, has joined forces with Kristin to run LOVE. For Katie, LOVE is the ideal place to funnel her belief in the magic of childhood and her gift for helping others. Among other general retail tasks, Katie will head up the company’s charitable arm.

Be delighted. Be inspired. BE IN LOVE.