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6 • 13 • 08 | posted by Kristin Fine


Yesterday my partner and I spent the day photographing our new 100% organic denim line: LOVE IS Organic Denim. We got lucky and it was a glorious day. We only received our spring 2009 samples the day before which was a little scary — but luckily they turned out great.

For us, our denim line (while of course being about offering a completely organic product) is about kids loving how they feel in them. And we were thrilled to have a few models — aka our kids and their friends who happened to be a size 6 — refuse to take them off. That’s the ultimate compliment.

Our core line in stores this August is so simple: perfect fits, no gapping at waist, nice long legs and really really soft. They truly dress up or down. And for spring 2009 we added some surprises. Some glitter for girls and a spider for boys. Some subtle but fun twists.

And no the glitter is not organic, but the denim and all the dyeing and processing is — everything other than the glitter and metal buttons! So many companies use organic cotton then wash it in chemicals and try and pass the product off as organic, which it no longer is. Look out for that label organic cotton. It’s telling you only half the story.

Anyhow, I am really proud of the graphics on the newest pieces — as I painted them myself! I like to see an artist’s hand in graphics, so many graphics are so clearly created on a computer. But I have no formal training, so it was a bit of a shot in the dark. I looked at lots of butterflies and spiders and started painting. Lucky for us my goal of a graphic with an organic sensibility seems to have worked. And I felt like I was back in art class — one of my favorite places.


I also need to say how incredible our photographer Kate Connolly is! She helped shoot our website pictures 2 years ago and can capture kids so honestly. She is bi-coastal and (for now!) still accessible. Check out her site and hire her quick, before she gets too big. Kids like her, and she can work in crazy conditions. Really. We just had a mess of kids running amuck and she somehow gets the product, their personality and represents our belief of good honest kids being kids.

All our jeans have the question in the waistband: What will you do in these jeans? We are so excited to get them on kids all over and see how they answer that! My son, in the middle above, apparently will cry bloody murder in his if put on gravel straight after naptime. I hope you all don’t mind me going on about our new jeans. But other than my monkeys, this has been my life lately. Thanks for allowing me to spend time on such an amazing blog chatting with such interesting parents. I will be joining in your conversations whenever my jeans and kids allow!


Oh. And this is me in my office at my computer, so you don’t think from my bio picture that I am still 12, wearing Norma Kamali with buck teeth. Mom and dad fixed those years ago!

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On 10.22.08 @ 4:00pm, Caroline said:

I love the new graphics.  When will the 2009 organic denim be available for purchase on line?

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