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6 • 12 • 08 | posted by Kristin Fine

So clearly I like lists…I can’t help it! Rather than fight it I have made another one to share with you all. I have been making an attempt over the past few years to green up our lives as much as possible…so here are my favorite eco-friendly discoveries.

1. Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap in Peppermint. This is the best smell ever, and I use it to clean everything. But my favorite day is floor washing day where you walk in my house and it smells so clean and fresh. Seriously. People actually comment on the house smelling good!


2. Stella McCartney has the most amazing skincare line ever!! The recyclable packaging is subtle and chic — great on the counter. And the quality of the products blew me away. I use the Milky Cleanser, both Elixirs and the 5 Benefits cream and my skin has never been softer and happier. I even tossed all my old products (Dermalogica, La Mer and Natura Bisse if you were wondering). Wait. Don’t worry. I didn’t toss them until I used them all up. Try Stella’s stuff!! She has such an amazing philosophy as well…

3. Ode Magazine has great writing and interesting articles.


4. Clementine Organic Playdough Kits are incredible. First of all they (again — me with the smells) smell so good!! In fact they are actually edible. Though I am not sure how much nutritional value you’d be passing along! Anyhow. The tools they come with, the box they come in, the whole deal, a gorgeous gift.

5. Unpasteurized organic milk. Takes a little looking to find, but this has been a happy change for all our tummy’s and avoiding those hormones is especially important for girls. Plus it actually tastes so much better I cannot begin to tell you!


6. Rockstar Organic Hair Products are superb. Organic, smell - sorry!! Like the beach and fruit, but not sickly sweet, just clean - and work. Especially the detangler - look at my guys curls - I know. Knots!!

7. We use our artwork as wrapping paper. I just keep it in a drawer and tie it with some gorgeous silk ribbon. The ribbon is so pretty it gets recycled, and the paper makes my kids so proud. For big gifts I copy my cool friend and use newspaper - looking for the right section for that person. And again, the special silk ribbon.

Kristin Fine writes as a guest blogger on


On 8.23.08 @ 12:24pm, heather said:

I’m confused by the peppermint soap. I just bought it, but it seems like it is meant for the body not floors? Did I buy the wrong one?

On 1.27.10 @ 7:33am, Zaila said:

We switched to organic milk several months ago as well.. I found that most Whole Foods stores carry it, and my family has been really happy with the change. As you said, we're all feeling a little better and definitely notice the better taste!

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