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Love Is Organic Denim LOVE IS Organic Denim

How do we make our organic denim so soft?

First we wash away the sizing used in the weaving process with starch. Next we use enzymes for our washing process as enzyme compounds are natural, eco-friendly as well as energy saving and totally biodegradable. Then we apply laser treatment and mild sandblasting to add the detailing. All of this yields our extra soft, pliable hand.

Our jeans are made in India in a Certified Fair Trade Factory.

Our certified 100% organic cotton is also certified as organic after weaving and dyeing.

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Our Jeans are certified organic and fair trade.
genuinely wholesome organic organic cotton field
Genuinely wholesome organic...

We made LOVE IS organic denim to honor what kids do best: play, create, imagine, run, jump, grow.... Our jeans incorporate 4 essential elements: real kid comfort, genuinely wholesome organic ingredients, cuts kids will love and denim patches to extend the life of the jeans.

These jeans are not shrunken down adult styles — they are designed and made just for kids. They have a comfy medium rise, adjustable waists, and they have no itchy tags or bothersome grommets. And most importantly, they are lived-in soft.

LOVE IS organic denim is meant to be worn well, handed down, transformed.... To that end, every pair comes with an organic denim patch to help the jeans last longer or to let kids really make the jeans their own.

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What will you do in these jeans?

We really want to know what kids do in these jeans. So we ask them. And we love it when they tell us why they needed a patch or what they created while wearing our jeans. We invite kids to post stories on our website or send us art they have made or drawings of imagined or real adventures they have had while wearing their LOVE IS Organic Denim.